Dry Practice

Dry Practice – The Best-Kept Secret In the Firearms Training Industry?

by Dave Crites

Dry Practice.  No one makes any money when you are dry practicing.  You aren’t using ammunition and you aren’t paying a range fee.  And the fact of the matter is, dry practice is not just for beginners.  Seasoned veterans in the shooting community spend much time honing and maintaining their skills via dry practice.

Just twelve minutes a day, 3 days a week, can actually improve your gun handling and shooting skills in ways that seem to defy logic.  There is simply no better way to overcome the propensity to flinch upon pressing the trigger (anticipating recoil) than dry practicing trigger control.

But understand this: practice does not make perfect.  Only correct practice makes perfect.  You can practice something wrong all day long without experiencing any improvement.  In fact, you are only encouraging bad habits when you practice incorrectly.  In order to understand how to practice correctly, professional guidance is highly recommended.  A good trainer will, as a part of any advanced courses, teach you how to correctly dry practice the skills and techniques he or she teaches.