How to Buy Firearms

Guns can be purchased by doing the following:

  • Purchases can be made through the Just Shoot Safely website by making quote requests through the “Contact Us” page.  The firearm must be shipped to an FFL license-holder for delivery to the buyer
  • A signed copy of the receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL) must be EMAILED to and received before the order can be processed
  • The receiving FFL dealer will complete the required state and federal transfer paperwork and background check.  Federal law requires that a Federal background check of the buyer must be passed before the firearm is delivered to the buyer
  • Any fees charged by the receiving FFL dealer for the firearm transfer are paid to the receiving FFL dealer by the buyer
  • The purchase price and shipping are paid to Just Shoot Safely before the firearm is shipped
  • Just Shoot Safely does not sell or send firearms, firearms parts (including scopes), ammunition, or reloading supplies to foreign countries. This includes air guns, blow guns, paintball guns and black-powder firearms