Jamie S.

"Stan was very professional but kept the course interesting and held our attention the whole time. Kept on topic and ensured everyone's questions were answered; super personable and was available prior to the class also. They were very helpful and attentative during the range portion of the course as well, I never felt unsafe or like the staff/instructors allowed for waivering attention spans there either."

Cynthia Z.

"This was an excellent course, and we were well taken care of. The instructor, Stan, was great - very experienced, engaging, and personable. He was exceedingly patient and highly concerned about our safety. The course follows and explains the law and does not focus on speculation and opinion. In fact, extra effort is spent to ensure that it does not drift and stays focused. Explore their website and reach out for information. It's worth it!"

Andrew O

"Had such a great time while truly learning the responsibility of owning and operating a firearm. I will be finding excuses to return to Just Shoot Safely! "

Maridee D.

"Stan was great! Very informative and an enjoyable instructor."

Bob B.

"Stan's the man. It was a very eye-opening course. I learned lots. So glad I took it."

Casey R.

"Stan is an awesome instructor who is knowledgable and makes the course easy to understand and puts you at ease!!"

John B.

"Class was upbeat and interactive. Stayed on subject and clearly explained course materials."

Chimene G.

"Stan was super nice and informative/helpful. It is clear that the goal is to help you pass and learn how to be a responsible gun owner/carrier. The class lasted longer than expected."

Arthur P.

"Stan did a great job of conveying the information to the class."

Bob Stephens

I grew up being taught about guns by my father. My father was ex-military and law enforcement. I took Stan’s class for LTC and learned so much more. Stan was great at taking the time and putting everything into perspective and I felt comfortable with carrying a gun in public after the class. I can’t say more about Stan and Just Shoot Safely. You can’t go wrong with Stan and Just Shoot Safely. Regards, Bob Stephens