About Us

About Us

What We Do

We are certified and licensed coaches, counselors, instructors, and trainers that provide our clients/students with personal firearms safety training. Whether it is your first time handling a firearm or if you’re interested in sharpening your skills, we’re here to help you safely and successfully reach your goals.


We provide the following types of training:

NRA Home Firearm Safety and Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars
NRA Basic Training in pistol, rifle, and shotgun instruction
NRA Instructor pistol, rifle, and shotgun instruction
NRA Range Safety Officer and Chief Range Safety Officer certification
NRA Defensive Pistol Instruction including Personal Protection Inside and Outside The Home
Texas License To Carry Certification
Texas School Safety Certification
Texas Level III Private Security Classroom Instruction

 Texas Level III Private Security Firearms Instruction


We know you have many choices in the DFW Metropolitan area. We treat all of our customers, clientele, and students with respect. Our teaching method is unique in that we combine the Total Participation Involvement (TPI) approach with Adaptive Learning. TPI is an approach where every student is an active learner. Adaptive Learning is an approach that works to tailor the learning experience to the specific needs of the individual. Everyone learns at a different pace. We use instructors, live demonstrations, coach/pupil methods, and multimedia presentations to keep every student engaged in the learning process. Our students come away from our classroom with knowledge, skills, and attitude that translates to real-life experience.

We believe in treating our customers the way they want to be treated
Gun ownership comes with a responsibility to handle firearms safely and responsibly
Firearm owners should do everything in their power to present a positive image of safe and responsible firearm ownership


Additionally, Just Shoot Safely offers these services for its clients and students:

FFL Licensed Firearm Brokerage
FFL Licensed Firearm Transfers
NFA Licensed, SOT, Class 3 dealer services



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Affiliated Ranges


Our Instructors

Stan Mefford – Chief Instructor

Stan is a Hoosier from Auburn, Indiana. Living and working in the DFW Metropolitan area for over two decades, Stan has a passion for life-long learning which translates to great classroom experiences for his students.

Stan is an author, educator, and a technology consultant. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and an MBA with a concentration in project management from the Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University.

Stan has the following firearms certifications and licenses:

 Texas School Safety Certification Instructor

Texas License To Carry Instructor

NRA Training Counselor teaching the following Instructor Certifications:




        Home Firearm Safety

        Chief Range Safety Officer

        Refuse to be Victim

        Defensive Pistol

        Personal Protection In the Home

        Personal Protection Outside The Home

Texas Private Security Level III Classroom Instructor

Texas Private Security Level III Firearms Instructor

Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer

National Firearms Act, Class 3, SOT Licensed Dealer

Certified Glock Armorer