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Customer Testimonials

  • The class was upbeat and interactive.  Stayed on the subject and clearly explained the course materials.  John B.  October 2016
  • Stan did an outstanding job teaching the firearms course. Having been a gun owner for many years, I did learn several things I didn't know. He also helped me determine what gun was right for me and made it simple and easy to purchase the right gun and the right Accessories.  Stephen P.  May 2016
  • I highly recommend Just Shoot Safely.  Stan is a stand-up guy and knows his stuff.  I and my daughter took this class together.  Stan couldn’t have been more polite and respectful.  Tommy O.  July 2016
  • This is an excellent course and we were well taken care of.  The instructor, Stan, was great and very experienced, engaging and personable.  He was exceedingly patient and highly concerned for our safety.  This course follows and explains the law and does not focus on speculation and opinion.  In fact, extra effort is spent to ensure that it does not drift and stays focused.  Explore their website and reach out for information.  It’s worth it!  Cynthia Z.  June 2017
  • Outstanding, as a first-time purchaser, Just Shoot Safely reviewed my abilities and recommend the perfect firearm for my size and abilities. Further, they are working with me on proper training and obtaining my license. Professional and personable, love this company.  Susan S.  July 2017
  • Stan is an excellent instructor. Being a newbie, I was very intimidated with guns but knew I had to get beyond the fear. He walked me through every step and helped me overcome the apprehension. I appreciate his patience, guidance, and encouragement and highly recommend him to anyone going through this process.  Sly C.  June 2016
  • Stan was very professional, but kept the course interesting and held our attention the whole time.  Kept on topic and ensured everyone’s questions were answered; super personable and was available prior to class also.  They were very helpful and attentive during the range portion of the course as well.  I never felt unsafe.  I like that they did not allow attention spans to waiver on the range as well.  Jamie S.  February 2017
  • Stan is an awesome instructor who is knowledgeable and makes the course easy to understand.  He puts you at ease!!  Casey R. July 2016
  • Stan is very knowledgeable and great to work with.  Melissa H.  February 2016
  • Just finished the NRA Range Safety Officer course- it was a great experience. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient, and willing to answer questions at any time. I'm a fairly experienced shooter but still learned a lot from the class.  Steve S.  October 2016
  • Stan was super nice and informative/helpful.  It is clear that the goal is to help you pass and to be a successful gun owner/carrier.   The class lasted longer than expected.  Chimene G. May 2017
  • I enjoyed Stan and the way he instructed the Texas License to Carry Handgun Course. It was in an informal atmosphere and he answered all questions and even provided us with websites to keep up with the current laws. I was a little nervous when it was time to qualify on the range. He was patient and helped me through it.  He knows his stuff!   Also, great prices on firearms.  Well worth the money! I highly recommend him.  Doris G. April 2016
  • As a female, new to this area, I was very apprehensive to allow a stranger to be a one on one firearm instructor. After meeting Stan at the gun range, he immediately eased those fears with his professionalism. He walked me step by step through the safety and awareness that is a MUST have when handling a firearm. I am extremely impressed with Stan's knowledge, experience and patience while teaching. I highly recommend him.  Juliana S. May 2016
  • Stan’s the man.  It was a very eye-opening course.  I learned lots.  So glad I took the course.  Bob B. April 2017
  • Had such a great time while truly learning the responsibility of owning and operating a firearm. I will be finding excuses to return to Just Shoot Safely!  Andrew O. March 2016
  • Stan did a great job conveying the information to the class.  Arthur P.  July 2016